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What are the penalties regarding disc golf

If you want to know more about disc golf, you can do so from the many sites like outdoorsporty. These have a number of articles such as the mistakes people make, the ways you should play, what you should avoid, what you should do, the kind of discs and more.

Outdoorsporty and other places too inform you of the rules of the game as well as the finer points of it as well as the penalties that one incurs when they play disc golf.

disc golf on outdoorsporty, the penalties are issued when the players disc falls into a water hazard. Not only is the disc lost by the player buy a one throw penalty also needs to be taken. They have to throw their disc at the place which was before the water hazard. When the disc falls into the water, the player at times may even lose the game.

disc golf on outdoorsporty

The players also are not allowed to pass their marker line when they are throwing. Only when the disc is released are they allowed to step that line. If the player is on the marker line when he or she has the disc in the hand, the penalty will ensue. The penalty will be by reattempting the throw.

The players are also penalized when other players are hit by their Frisbees.

The finer points are that during the throw, the foot placement much be carefully watched. When there is bad foot placement, the player could be unstable and it will result in a bad throw. Players also should not sacrifice accuracy for the sake of power but should balance both.

If there is an obstruction where the disc is stuck in, the player can remove it and immediately under it the marker disc should be placed. These are some of the finer points as per outdoorsporty.

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Buying the best commercial food processors

When you are in the food industry it is necessary to have the best commercial food processors so that you are able to keep up with the demands of your restaurant. The best commercial food processors may be costly but it is an investment which is necessary. It saves hours of labor, it allows you to create dishes which have amazing garnishing and you are able to slice, dice and chop fruits and vegetables as per the size and as uniform as you need it to be without any effort on your part.

Good quality bestcommercial food processors should have a certification that it is meant for commercial use. These models are able to stand up to a lot of abuse. Certification standards also include the fact that during the assembly of the product sanitation needs are maintained.

food processors

When choosing a commercial food processor you need to see that the batch bowl is big enough to handle the amount of food you would need to process at a time. It should be unbreakable and most importantly it should have a liquilock seal where liquids cannot pour out when they are being processed. These should have high powered motors and it should take away the labor and time intensive chores such as slicing, shredding, grating, pureeing, chopping, whipping, kneading as well as other such chores.

Some of these are fitted with feed tubes which prevent even prep time being done. These usually have warranties and so the person buying the appliance can be assured that nothing will go wrong with the motor even when it is used and abused as much as these appliances normally are in a commercial environment.

These commercial food processors come with a S blade, slicing as well as whipping discs and reversible shredding disks as well as grating discs.

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Advantages of DIY canvas art printing

Are you familiar with canvas printing or making DIY canvas art? Do you know that a simple photograph or image can be turned into a beautiful work of art? Canvas printing is a great way to transform an image into a beautiful centrepiece or wall mural. It is a process of putting images into large canvas for display and decoration purposes. Many may consider this process difficult but it is far from the truth. Canvas printing is very easy and has plenty of benefits.

The following are the advantages of canvas printing:

  • DIY canvas art prints is a simple process that saves time and money. You don’t have to spend time looking for a trustworthy service provider. You just need to follow simple instructions then you can finally change that old photo framed hanging on your living room. Aside from that, it will save you from spending a huge amount of money over original work of art that costs thousands of bucks.


  • Putting photo on canvas preserves the quality of image. It also adds vibrancy, vividness and life. Even a simple image can be customized and turn into a very beautiful piece of art. Some of your favorite pictures can be made into a collage, wall murals or a classic black and white image.

diy canvas art

  • Canvas printing of your DIY canvas art makes it possible to reproduce an original painting into almost any dimension and different sizes. Your favorite memories captured in a photo can be reproduced and displayed anywhere in the house.


  • It helps preserve memories. If you want to keep that special photo of your whole family during a holiday, a wedding, a birthday party or first picture of the new-born baby in the family, then putting them on canvas can preserve it for a long time. After 10 or 15 years, those photos you keep will fade and become indiscernible. Those special moments captured can be lost forever. Good thing that a good quality canvas print can keep your photos and can even add decades of life into that image.


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The Best Air rifles for the Money

Introduction: Air guns are becoming first choice of the gunmen and marksmen in order to do the hunting and provide services. It is an affordable and perfect choice for hunting purposes because it uses pellet instead of bullets. Pellets are less expensive than bullets and these days prices of ammo are getting higher and higher. Hence choosing the best air rifle for the money is quite of an affordable task for a gun man.

Features of an Airgun: An airgun works on the principle of shooting with the charge created by the compressed air. This compressed air can be compressed CO2 or any other gas. The force of piston compresses the air in front of pellet that shoots afterward.

best air rifle for the money

Accuracy that depends on distance and movement of the target is an important feature of the gun. Power that helps the gun to cover a long distance is also important. Use of costly but beneficial CO2 in the gun, also imposes the features of the gun. With accuracy and power, yardage is also an important feature to be noticed. It is defined as the distance covered by the shoot and different guns provide different yardage. Lead free or alloy based pellet gives different guns different type of features. Lead free pellets are environmental friendly whereas alloy based pellets provide speed, power and accuracy.

Conclusion: Air rifles are economic and user friendly product for a gunman in this expensive era of ammo. On the basis of feature and reviews from different gunmen, there are 10 different rifles that are the best air rifles for the money. Some of these rifles are Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle, Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22) Powered by Nitro Piston, Gamo Hornet Air Rifle .177 Caliber, Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle and Hammerli 850 airmagnum air rifle.

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How to repair any wet damaged Cell phone?

There are many incidents in your life when your Cell phone gets wet  or is damaged by water or any liquid. Sometimes, your cell phones get wet in winter season due to moisture in the air. When you are peeing in toilet and it accidentally falls in the toilet. In rainy season, your cell phone can have a similar problem. You do not need to panic about that situation. So today, we are going to provide you a Do it Yourself Technique.

Stuff you will need for the Cell phone repair are:

  • 1Kg of rice
  • A container equal to your Cell phone size
  • Napkins
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Solution
  • Cotton Buds

cell phone repair

Procedure for Cell phone repair is:-

  • First, Switch off your cell phone and remove the battery, SD card, and SIM card from it. If you can’t remove your battery due to a non-removable battery, then leave it.
  • Use napkins to make your cell phone dry off. You can use an alternative solution as well which is a vacuum cleaner to dry off the cell phone. Do not apply hair dryer on it otherwise, it will make your problem worse by pushing water further in.
  • Use the container and fill it with rice and put your cell phone in it. Do not take out your mobile from rice container before 24 hours.
  • Now, apply IPA solution and cotton buds on your mobile phone to clean it.
  • Now, you can switch on your mobile and use it properly.

Important Don’ts:

  • Don’t force any buttons. It will push water further into your mobile phone.
  • Don’t apply hairdryer as explained above.
  • Do not switch on your mobile before 48 to 72 hours after an incident.

So, this is the right procedure for cell phone repair. Good Luck!!!

Nap citation

Flash Fix Cell Phone & Electronics Repair
5702 S Staples St Ste B7
Corpus Christi, TX 78413


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