It is a known fact that to ensure smooth functioning of your business and to avoid any loss of data, the best solution is to go with a Philadelphia data recovery company. But then with so many companies out there, how do you select one? How would you know who is genuine and reliable? Here we have given you some tips which should be able to help you with your selection of a reliable data recovery company-

Suitable technology – A good Philadelphia data recovery company should have proper firmware repair tools, high end technology and an ISO Class 5 clean room. You need to ask questions about the technology they use. Please keep in mind that your local repair shop will not have the proper tools to give you a safe service. The proper data recovery company should have the right laboratories and equipment and all their process should be totally non-destructive.

Philadelphia data recovery company

Suitable Security – You need to also ask questions about privacy policies. Will your Philadelphia data recovery company be going through your recovered data? The best companies would have proper policies in place which would prevent any personnel from copying or accessing data that has been recovered. They are not allowed to open files unless required. In fact, recoveries are checked with dedicated tools and that too only with the permission of the client.

Agreement- You should make up a proper data recovery agreement. For example – you need to ascertain if particular files are more important than others. You can give a detailed list of file types, requested files, folders etc.

Track record – You will need to make sure that your data recovery company has an established and blemish free history. Do your homework and go through previous clients; you can also ask for references. Good companies should be able to give you past clients contact information. A good research would give you an idea if your choice is a good one or not.

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