Carrageenan is the food additive power-packed with gelling properties used in preparing many food items. This adds taste, thickness, and texture to the food. There are many online stores who are selling this seaweed extracted food ingredient at an incredibly affordable price. However, you need to buy this from a reliable store to get high quality of this product instead of ending up buying an adulterated one which is harmful to the health. It is imperative for you to buy this food ingredient that is food graded rather than degraded. Basically, the seaweed from which this ingredient is extracted is grown mostly in Britain, North America and Europe. This thickening and emulsifying agent is used in preparation of food items including hot dogs, yogurt, cheese, whipping cream, salads, infant food, processed meat, sauces, and beer. In addition, this is also used in preparing medicines and toothpaste.


The best part of this ingredient is that, it can be used to treat various health issues, especially peptic ulcers. In addition, this is used to keep over weight under control. This ingredient can be used by women who is breastfeeding and is pregnant after consulting a doctor. Ideally, carrageenan is loaded with two crucial properties. One property is that, it forms strong gels and the other one is that, it blends well with the dairy products. Ideally, food grade of this seaweed is used in preparing various food items to thicken and improve the taste of them. However, the concentration of this ingredient depends on seaweed species used in extracting this powder, processing type, and the environment in which the product is prepared.

However, there are the three types of carrageenan that is widely found in the market.

Lambda: This type of food ingredient possesses high sulfate content which gives mouth feel and creamy taste when you have the dairy products, especially custard and ice creams. This does not possess the gelling property.

Iota: This possess sulfate content and is an intermediary for both lambda and kappa. This possess gelling property and easy to freeze.

Kappa: This is the commonly used food ingredient. It possess high gel strength and interacts quickly with milk products.


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