There are many incidents in your life when your Cell phone gets wet  or is damaged by water or any liquid. Sometimes, your cell phones get wet in winter season due to moisture in the air. When you are peeing in toilet and it accidentally falls in the toilet. In rainy season, your cell phone can have a similar problem. You do not need to panic about that situation. So today, we are going to provide you a Do it Yourself Technique.

Stuff you will need for the Cell phone repair are:

  • 1Kg of rice
  • A container equal to your Cell phone size
  • Napkins
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Solution
  • Cotton Buds

cell phone repair

Procedure for Cell phone repair is:-

  • First, Switch off your cell phone and remove the battery, SD card, and SIM card from it. If you can’t remove your battery due to a non-removable battery, then leave it.
  • Use napkins to make your cell phone dry off. You can use an alternative solution as well which is a vacuum cleaner to dry off the cell phone. Do not apply hair dryer on it otherwise, it will make your problem worse by pushing water further in.
  • Use the container and fill it with rice and put your cell phone in it. Do not take out your mobile from rice container before 24 hours.
  • Now, apply IPA solution and cotton buds on your mobile phone to clean it.
  • Now, you can switch on your mobile and use it properly.

Important Don’ts:

  • Don’t force any buttons. It will push water further into your mobile phone.
  • Don’t apply hairdryer as explained above.
  • Do not switch on your mobile before 48 to 72 hours after an incident.

So, this is the right procedure for cell phone repair. Good Luck!!!

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