As the world has been introduced to the new Stone age diet or known as paleo diet in some countries, for a better nutritious lifestyle, what is it actually?

Stone-age diet means consumption of food in raw and natural forms which has not lost its nutrition value because of process or cooking. So, if one wants to adopt this lifestyle, it is important to know the different steinzeit diat rezepte, so that one can start cooking at home itself. These dishes are also based on balanced diet concept. Let’s have a look at different which can be cooked fast and easily during breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack.

BREAKFAST steinzeit diat rezepte:-

  • The fastest and easiest is scrambled eggs with smoked salmon or Stone Age cereals full of fresh fruits and coconut milk.
  • For a change people can try gluten free rolls or berries yoghurt.

"steinzeit diät erfahrung"

LUNCH steinzeit diat rezepte:-

  • The most famoussteinzeit diat rezepte for lunch is Shakshuka which has low carbohydrates and requires least efforts. The simple dish can be made with tomatoes, peppers, eggs and lot of fresh herbs. AL you have to do is chop these vegetables into cubes and do coconut oil sauté. Allow it to cook on a sim gas and in meanwhile egg too, and at the end add oreganos for taste.

SNACK steinzeit diat rezepte:-

  • Many people have complaint that they cannot find a snack in stone-age diet which they can replace with modern day diet snack, but that’s not true. On can make from carrot minced muffins to paleo energy balls with figs, cocoa and sesame.

There are many options available under the paleo-diet to make the journey towards a better lifestyle and healthier lifestyle much more delicious. The advantage over modern day dishes these dishes have is they have more nutrition value than them.


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