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Wilshire Law Firm, headquartered in the city of Los Angeles, has offices in Oakland. It is a personal injury law firm.It specializes in motorcycle accidents, car accidents, truck accidents and various accident and injury cases. Oakland is a city that has various attractions in it. It is considered as one of the most exciting cites in the Golden State. At Oakland Museum of California, you can every time absorb something new.

With so much present in the city, traffic is one of them. This traffic further leads to car accidents. Almost every day, a car accident takes place in Oakland.

High Class Lawyers and Team

The firm considers every client as an important person, and treats him or her very well. The firm’s Oakland car accident lawyer are very high rated professionals. The firm makes it a point to work with top medical and investigatory professionals. This helps our clients in taking every possible advantage in maximizing their recovery. For case management and accident reconstruction, latest technologies are used. The firm aims on achieving best results for their clients.

oakland car accident lawyer

Our Specialization in Personal Injury

Whether you are looking for an Oakland car accident attorney or someone who specializes in another type of personal injury claim, we have got you covered. Until date, we have represented thousands of clients in wide variety of accident and injury cases, like construction accidents, wrongful death, auto accidents, etc. We take every effort required to provide you maximum recovery of your losses.

Until and unless we achieve a successful settlement or verdict, there is no need for you to pay us. Therefore, are services are totally risk free.

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So if you are looking for an Oakland car accident lawyer then contact us now. We will make sure that you receive an acceptable settlement for the losses incurred because of the accident.

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