Availing of a family friendly home in a safe and up and coming neighbourhood is difficult because these residences are coveted for their benefits and amenities. Park place residences on PayaLebar road is an budding mixed-use development project that you should definitely consider investing in if you’re looking for a new home.

The project, managed by two of the best known developers in the world, is providing PayaLebar with one of the most advantageous accommodations.

Why Opt for Park Place Residences?

  • The residency is centrally located within a school district just around the corner.
  • There are quite a few emergency medical institutions and hospitals which are a short drive away.
  • For families whose children may already be studying in another school district or working outside PayaLebar, the MRT station provides easy accessibility to 60 stations making commuting to and from the area hassle free.
  • Over 20 bus routes are also available, for residents who enjoy exploring their city.
  • The residency itself has a number of convenient facilities, including a 7 storey mall with dining facilities, cinemas and entertainment shops.
  • Other services include swimming pools, fully equipped gyms, a playground and, most importantly, 24*7 security.

park place residences paya lebar

Benefits of making an Investment in a Park Place Residence

Over and above the various amenities and facilities available for its occupants, park place residences offer value for money when it comes to making an investment.

  • Fully furnished houses with elegant layouts and first class finishing.
  • Best quality appliances, furniture and fixtures.
  • Minimal distances between houses, workplaces and other destinations.
  • Offers a 99 year leasehold property that allows ownership of the flat without the expensive burden of owning land.
  • Close by to a number of easily accessible highways and expressways.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian friendly environment.

Call now and make the best home investment for you and your family!


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