If you are an adult – perhaps an aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother or even an older sibling or cousin, you will want to make the birthday of the child in question even more special. Here are some easy and simple ways to do so:

  • You can take the child for a picnic or for a campfire. This is a great way to bond with the child and that to as a relatively cheap option rather than taking the child for a movie or to the mall.
  • You can buy small items for the child and personalize those using paints or readymade lettering or even you can spell out their name in shell, sand or pieces of matchstick.

Birthday wishes

  • You can build a fort for them of pillows or blankets while or she is still asleep so that he or she gets up in their birthday castle.
  • You can decorate the bathroom mirror with “Happy birthday” or make the cereal pieces of the breakfast spell out the child’s name or “happy birthday” or even you can make them their favorite snack and spell out “Happy birthday” or the child’s name

However, if you are not in the same home as the child or even in the same city, you can still make the child’s day special by sending them a sms or ecard. If you are not good with words and do not know what should be written, you can refer to sites which offer birthday wishes. These have personalized messages for not only children of different ages but also for adults and to express various relationships. These birthday wishes can be inserted into various social media posts or even written by hand into paper greeting cards. These convey exactly what you want to convey and make the day even more special for the person celebrating their birthday.

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