As a PC gamer, you will actually manage to recover back the losses that you incurred when you buy the gaming PC. If you use the online multiplayer games, then those will be free for PC gamers but console gamers will have to pay an additional cost for using it. But if you do not want to play these multiplayer games, you could just buy a number of CDs and use it which will be cheaper. Buying a PC or laptop for gaming will be much costlier than the regular counterparts so you should consider the cost factor too. If you use an ordinary PC, then it will not be able to support many games. So in the case you will have no choice but to buy the expensive ones.

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When you consider the performance of each device, consoles will be weaker according to the modern standards. Any gaming PC will be much powerful than an ordinary PS4 that you could get for free on sites like This is why they are able to provide these platforms at a lower price as the hardware is not at the same standards as the latest technology. Even the most average gaming laptop will be better than any console and will have higher resolution, better graphics, faster load times and smoother frame rates. But for that you should put in the extra money and buy a gaming laptop.

Exclusive Games

But the advantage with the PS4 that you get on sites like  is that it will receive many exclusive games which are not easily available for PCs. Though PCs will get exclusive games, the quality will be bad when compared to the console games. But when it comes to online multiplayer games, PCs will have the edge over any gaming console as it has better network capabilities and control schemes.

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