There are several sites such as which talk about the lie detector test and how it can be used for different purposes or how even the cost of the test varies as per the reason why it is being taken. However, sites such as may or may not give you the total information on a polygraph examination or lie detector test. These tests use medical equipment to diagnose various physiological conditions of the person and based on the fluctuation of these conditions when the person is lying versus what they are when the person is telling the truth, the deceit and lies are caught.

What is it?

It is an examination to check and verify the truth. The expert conducting the test should not be biased based on the appearance, age, sex or personality of the person undergoing the test.  When the test is administered, if the person was truthful in the pre-test interview, they will be successful at passing the test.

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Who takes the test?

The test is taking by a person voluntarily. He or she should neither be coerced nor intimidated into taking the examination. In case someone is threatened to participate in the test; the interpretation of the charts may be negative. Most of the time the persons who undergo the test do so as they want to get a clean chit and clear their name of whatever issue there is. People take the test to prove they are innocent and truthful.

 Can a person beat the test?

A person can deceive an unskilled examiner however, those who are experienced are impossible to fool or beat the test. This however, vastly depends on the skill of the examiner, as it is his skill in reading and interpreting the physiological conditions which leads to the accuracy of the test.

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