When a company decides to opt for a server hosting company for managing the company’s server, then they should know about the different types of service available in the market. Managed hosting is a type of service in which the company can lease the server resources for using onsite. The hosting company will deliver the server and install it and then the lessee will have complete control over the infrastructure along with the hardware, software and operating system. If the server has any issues, then the hosting company will take care of maintaining and monitoring it.

Dedicated Server

If the company does not want to keep the resources online, then it can lease a dedicated server for a monthly fees from a web hosting company. The server will be set aside for the company’s needs and all connections and software to the webhost will be available for manipulation and use. It is rented out exclusively to one company and remote configuration and operation can be done through the browser controlled panel.

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Virtual Private Server

If the company decides to go for a single server, it can be easily set up to create a number of virtual private servers or VPS using a company like wedos sleva. It will work in the same way as the dedicated server but in a smaller scale. A simple VPS will leverage a particular amount of the entire server’s resources but will not combat with other VPSs for resource allocation. The company that leases the VPS will receive a specific amount of hardware capabilities and bandwidth for a low monthly rent. This can be further reduced by using certain coupons like wedos slevový kupon. As the VPS generally costs lesser than a dedicated server, it will be ideal for a company that does not need or even use an entire server and with wedos kupon the total cost spent will be much lesser.

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