If you have purchased a home that dates back to before 1985, chances are you are stuck with outdated electrical work that needs a complete overhaul. However the complete overhaul part may not necessarily be obvious if the electrical wiring and safety precautions look decent at face value. After all, how would you know if there were subtle anomalies staring you in the face? One of the most important things is having a Ground Fault Interrupter.

 A GFI is a device that works kind of like a reset button. It takes into account the amount of electricity that is normally used in a room such as the kitchen or the bathroom, and in case of a sudden and abrupt rise in the amount of electricity flowing through that circuit, which usually happens when an electrical appliance comes into contact with a water (basically an accident), and immediately shuts off the power, with the accuracy going up to about 1/30th of a second. You might need to have this feature installed in your home if it predates 1985 and have a skilled electrician ensure that it works.


A second requirement for your home, if more than 25 years old is a complete checkup in terms of electrical systems. You should understand the fact that if your home is an old one, there have been a number of electrical safety measure updates that have taken place in these years, and that your home is possibly a health hazard that you live in. You need to look up a trusted electrician from the source of your choice, either word of mouth or the internet (www.electricienboulogne-billancourt.fr), and have him take a look at your entire electrical system and analyze it for all safety measures and health precautions. It is critical that you ask for a licensed professional.

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